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Adaptil Collar for Medium & Large Dog 70cm
Brand: Ceva Model: 3411111857334
Collar that favors the welfare of puppies and adult dogs in situations that can cause fear and apprehension; reproduces all the properties of maternal natural "pheromones".The collar can be used both inside and outside the house for:promote socialization (other dogs, people, new situations);control ..
S$47.99 S$59.99
Adaptil Collar for Puppy & Small Dog 45cm
Brand: Ceva Model: 3411111857303
The Adaptil Collar is easy to use and convenient as it releases the dog appeasing pheromone constantly (even when the dog is outside). The dog’s body temperature and close contact warm the collar and encourages the diffusion of pheromones into the local environment. It is essential the Adaptil Colla..
S$42.40 S$53.00
Adaptil Diffuser 48ml
Brand: Ceva Model: 3411110672877
What is Adaptil?Adaptil is the leading dog behaviour product, scientifically proven to help support dogs during stressful situations.How does Adaptil work?Adaptil is the synthetic copy of the natural ‘dog appeasing pheromone’ released by the mother dog 2-3 days after giving birth. This pheromone com..
S$55.84 S$69.80
Adaptil Refill 48ml
Brand: Ceva Model: 3411110672914
For us with the Adaptil Appeasing Pheromone Dog Collar p In mammals, all lactating females unlock substances named ‘appeasing’ pheromones, the aim of which is to reassure the offspring. Research has shown that the reassuring properties persist, even into adulthood. p The Adaptil Diffuser accommodate..
S$30.40 S$38.00
Adaptil Spray Bottle 60ml
Brand: Ceva Model: 3411110671900
The Adaptil Spray provides targeted, comforting support for your dog either at home or on the go. It is ideal for any time you would like to give your dog some extra reassurance when you have visitors, are travelling long distances, adjusting to a new environment, visiting the vet or hospitalisation..
S$30.40 S$38.00
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231110582
Keep Off, when used as recommended, is an effective repellent to prevent cats from wandering around places where you do not wish them to go. Dogs & cats dislike the smell of the active ingredient, but it is not harmful.Suitable ForCatsDogsSize100 mlInstructionSpray onto areas where you want your..
Brand: Beaphar Model: 5012428040181
Helps train your pet indoors. The spray contains a harmless substance that cats and dogs find unpleasant, and your pets are thus discouraged from scratching or chewing anything that is sprayed with Pet Behave. Popular with home-owners for use on household furnishings, woodwork, doors, curtains, bask..
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231108671
Puppy Trainer helps to house-train puppies and can help break undesirable habits. We recommend the use of this product in combination with Beaphar Puppy Pads.Suitable ForPuppiesSize20 mlInstructionApply a few drops on a training pad..
Brand: Four Paws Model: 45663170004
Four Paws Keep Off! Indoor & Outdoor Repellent for Dogs & Cats. Just spray and they'll stay away from furniture, carpet, trees, shrubs, garbage cans and other forbidden areas. Will repel dogs and cats for up to 24 hours when applied daily.FeaturesSpray-on solution for keeping dogs & cats..
Brand: Stefanplast Model: 800307988002
Plastic ideal for dog rearing for puppies, sick or disabled dogs easy to clean incl. pretend tree underlay not included in the supplied packageFeaturesplasticideal for dog rearingfor puppies, sick or disabled dogseasy to cleanincl. pretend tree. Underlay not included in the supplied packageSuitable ..
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