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This page provides you with answers to questions you might have while shopping here at S&S. If you still have further queries, please E-mail us at . Our customer service staff are all ready to help!



1. General


Do you sell live animals?

No we do not sell live animals.


Can I mix and match flavours for items on promotion? (Eg. Buy 2 Get 1 Free)

Unless stated otherwise, we do not allow items of different flavours to be mixed.

2. Registration


Can I place an order without creating an account?

To make a purchase on S&S, you could either do so as a registered user or as a guest.


What are the benefits of being a registered user?

If you are a registered user with a account here at S&S, you get additional benefits and perks such as:

·      Proceeding through checkout faster when making a purchase for those that have a hectic work schedule. Check the status of your orders.

·      View past orders and quick re-ordering options.

·      Earn S&Spoints that enable you to enjoy major rebates on ALL STORE ITEMS, including products on promotions.

·      Store alternative addresses for deliveries to multiple family members or friends.


So why am I able to order as a Guest and what do I lose out on?

We understand that people might not be too keen to register for an account due to a busy schedule or when trying out S&S as a first time customer. Guest purchases are welcomed for customers who want to test out our goods and services before registering.

3. Prices


All prices given on the website are final prices with no hidden cost. We do not charge GST, therefore, GST will not be added to your purchase. You’ll be happy to know that the price you see is what you’ll pay.

Your price of a certain item is slightly high, I can get it cheaper from another pet store!

Providing quality goods and service for you and your pets are our top priority. Thus, we do not engage in needless price competition that may compromise the quality of our goods or services. Eg. selling stock with nearer-expiration dates or compromised good.


But the price of a certain item is still too high when compared to other stores.

If you feel that an item is overpriced when compared to the market average, please do let us know which ones and we will review the item in question. We will try to adjust our prices for all our customer’s benefits within reasonable grounds.


Could I get a discount?

Why yes you can! As a registered customer enables you to get even more savings as you spend, S&S discount codes are even out at events we attend! Just approach us to get one.

4. Orders


How soon is my order confirmed?

Your order is confirmed once you receive an order confirmation from us via email, which includes an order reference number. If, for whatever reason, we cannot process your order, we will contact you on the phone number you have provided us.


What happens if an item I ordered is Out of Stock? I need my supplies soon.

If a product is Out of Stock, we will also contact you to advise you on the expected waiting time. We’d also be happy to make alternative recommendations if you can’t wait for the Out of Stock product to arrive.


I’m having trouble with placing my order online! Help!

Don’t worry, if you are unable to place your order online or have trouble using our website - you can chat us on whatsapp chat on bottom right of the website and we’ll assist you in getting your order sorted out.


I would like a certain color of the product I ordered but there is no colour selection indicator. What should I do?

Do take note that a few products are provided to us are given at random by our suppliers, that’s why there is no option to select a colour. However, you can indicate your preference in the ‘Addition Delivery Instructions’’ box and we’ll try to obtain it for you if we have the stock.


I have special requests for how I would like my items to be packaged/delivered. How do I inform S&S?

Any additional request may be filled out in our ‘Additional Delivery Instructions’ box when ordering. If what is requested is not possible, we will contact you to try and find an acceptable alternative.


When is the product I ordered expiring?

All our products have a minimum of 6 months shelf-life unless stated otherwise.

5. Order Status

S&S will assign different status to your order. 
With this status you can monitor your order more easily.
- Pending - Order received
- Preparing - Order is being prepared for delivery
- Completed - Delivery is successfully completed
- Cancelled - Order is cancelled
- Declined - Order is declined order & awaiting for refund
- Refund - Order is 100% refunded
- Partially Refunded - Order is partially refunded


6. Payment


What methods of payment does S&S accept?

S&S uses Stripe for payments. Stripe is an absolutely secure payment method that will allow you to conveniently pay for your order by directly accessing your Stripe account. For customers without a Stripe account, you can simply enter your credit card / debit card / visa details into the Stripe interface each time you shop.


Is payment done through Stripe secure?

The data relevant to your Stripe account and credit card details is managed by Stripe, and never revealed to us. Stripe will inform us via email that your payment has been carried out, after which, we will arrange for your order to be delivered.


Help, I think your site is insecure! My Credit Card was recorded having suspicious activity after shopping there!

Here at S&S, all your data and information entered is handled by your chosen various payment parties. We do not contain any of your personal credit card details or payment account information in our databanks. Auto-fill information appearing on our website for personal details are all stored on your personal device. Therefore, please keep your device secured with Anti-Virus programs as well as Anti-Spyware programs.


Will there be other methods of payment available in the future?

Yes! S&S is continuously adding new methods of payment for our customer's convenience. If you are unsure of which payment methods are accepted, do drop us a message or call us.

7. Delivery


Is delivery free?

Delivery is free for orders S$100 and above. If your order falls below S$100, there will be a delivery charge of S$10. This fee will be added to your order at time of checkout. {Tip: if don’t quite qualify for the free delivery, why not add on an extra bag of treats or a toy to get your order delivered for free. You’ll save yourself the fee and get a little something extra for your dog - they’ll love you for it!


How do I arrange for a delivery time & date?

We will contact you within 3-5 working days to arrange your preferred delivery date and time or you could specify a preferred delivery date and time in the ‘special delivery instructions’ section at your checkout page.


What happens if I’m not home at the specified delivery time?

Do not fret, please try to be available at the specified delivery date and time or have someone home to receive it. In the event that no one is present to receive the delivery, we will contact you to request for further instructions on how to proceed.


Do you provide international shipping?

We are currently unable to ship outside of Singapore, and do not offer international shipping.

Hi, I’m from another country but will be visiting Singapore. How could I purchase your products?

If you are visiting Singapore for a short period of time and would like to purchase our products, please place your order in advance specifying your preferred delivery date and notify us of where you would like your order delivered. (eg. Hotel Name & Room Number)


I live in Malaysia but would love to purchase some of your products. What can I do?

For our customers who live across the causeway, please call or message us when placing an order for self-collection so that we can ensure that we have the items you need in stock. Collection details will be provided once your order has been confirmed.

8. Exchange Policy


What is your exchange policy?

Please contact us on our customer service via whatsapp chat on the bottom right of website or our email at to notify what could be done. Whilst we make best efforts to check for quality and quantity accuracy at our distribution centre, we strongly advise you to check your order to ensure the order is correct and the goods are not damaged.


9. Refunds


What if the item I ordered is Out Of Stock or unavailable?

Should any of our goods be unavailable after order confirmation and payment, we will call you and let you know immediately. You can choose to get a refund on the unavailable product, or you may decide to wait for the product to come in or select an alternative one. If an alternative product is selected and there is a price difference to the original product, you will need to pay the increment, or if it is lower, we will refund you the difference.

How is the difference in price reimbursed when choosing an alternative product? I’ve already paid via Stripe.

Any reimbursements will be carried out directly to your Stripe account and Stripe will send you a communication of the reimbursement.

10. Save The Strays


What is Save The Strays?

Save The Strays is a program dedicated to help pets at the registered shelter by donating pets products.


How to donate?

You can donate by purchasing the products from the Save The Strays category. The products are already preselected by the registered shelter to best fulfill the shelter's need.

Where to deliver Save The Strays products?

The products on Save The Strays category will automatically be delivered to the SNS's registered shelter. It is not required for the delivery address to be input / create new address upon checkout.

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