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Beaphar Calming Home Spray 125ml
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231110896
Carefully formulated to naturally calm your pet, Beaphar Calming Home Spray is an effective, easy to use home remedy containing natural valerian for a plant-based formulation to reduce stress and stress-related behaviour.Pets can be very sensitive to changes in their environment, particularly cats, ..
S$14.50 S$16.90
Beaphar Cat Malt Anti Hairball Paste 100g
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231170357
Frequent cleaning can cause hairballs to build up in your cat's stomach, which need to be leave the system in some way to avoid causing digestive issues or constipation. This beaphar Anti-Hairball Malt Paste can help to combat such problems. The functional paste contains high-quality malt, which can..
S$14.50 S$16.90
Beaphar Cat Multi-Vitamin Paste Duo-Active 100g
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231109999
Two pastes combined in one tube: a Multi-Vitamin paste and a Condition paste which, together, help promote a healthy intestinal flora.Suitable ForCatsSize100 gIngredientsCategory Feed materials: Oils and fats, Milk and milk derivatives, Minerals, Yeasts, Cereals, Various sugars, Derivatives of veget..
S$14.50 S$16.90
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231116737
Eye Cleaner has been specially formulated to soothe and clean the eyes of cats and dogs. The eye cleaner helps promote the self-cleansing mechanism of the eyes and wash away dust, dirt, and other debris.Suitable ForCatsDogsSize50 mlIngredientsWater, Sodium chloride, Stabiliser E339(ii), 385, Benzalk..
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231173228
An easy-to-use product which will keep your pet's mouth hygienic, and help to keep the teeth cleaner. Bacteria cause plaque to form on your pet's’ teeth. Contains enzymes that fight bad bacteria and break down plaque. Any remaining plaque will combine with calcium to form tartar. This spray contains..
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231173235
An aid to oral hygiene that is particularly useful for cats and dogs that don't like having their teeth brushed. The gel comes with a long-nozzle applicator that you use to apply a layer of the sticky gel to the teeth. Used 2 or 3 times per week, the gel contains special enzymes to fight plaque, alo..
Brand: Beaphar Model: 8711231109067
Specially formulated for cats and dogs, its regular use will make bad-breath or expensive dental treatments less likely. Beaphar Toothpaste is readily accepted, due to it's meaty flavour.Suitable ForCatsDogsSize100 gInstructionUse with the special Beaphar Toothbrush for effective cleaning of your pe..
Feliway Spray 60ml
Brand: Ceva Model: 3411110002353
Feliway Classic Spray offers a natural, convenient and unique solution to feline stress, helping your cats feel safe and secure in their environment.Help prevent or stop indoor spraying and vertical scratching.Help prevent or reduce conflicts between cats restoring harmony within your household.Help..
S$30.40 S$38.00
NaturVet Cranberry Relief Plus Echinacea Powder 50g
Brand: NaturVet Model: 797801035613
For use in dogs and cats over the age of six weeks. Recommended to help maintain and support a healthy urinary tract.Plus echinacea to provide essential immune support to help maintain overall health.Suitable ForCatsDogsSize50 gCautionsSafe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding ha..
S$33.20 S$39.00
Brand: NaturVet Model: no SKU
Help calm your cat's anxiety and feel comfortably calm with NaturVet Quiet Moments calming aid. These tasty chews are a natural solution to calming your pet and are boosted with Melatonin–a natural chemical the body produces before bedtime. NaturVet's unique blend of Thiamine and L-Tryptophan will h..
Brand: Nurture Pro Model: 811085032134
nurturePRO Nano Colloidal Silver is made from 99.99% pure tiny silver particles suspended in purified water. Silver has been well-known for its effective use in preventing infections and fighting germs for centuries.How does it work?Some research suggests silver ions can kill microorganisms by bindi..
Brand: Pet Horizon Model: 8886395100059
Specially formulated to thoroughly clean and deodorise ear canals. Controls ear mites and ear infections. Great for healing sore, irritated, and infected ears. Gently and effectively removes dirt and dissolves waxy build- up.Antiseptic and keratolytic - helps soften and peel the outer most layer of ..
Brand: PetAg Model: 20279995180
Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Gel is recommended any time an animal experiences changing nutritional or environmental conditions.Contains seven common, fat-encapsulated microorganisms found in intestinal tract of small mammalsProvides help for changing conditions, including, but not limited to birth, breeding,..
Brand: ProDen Model: 7350055513066
ProDen PlaqueOff Powder Dog & Cat Supplement is a 100% natural powder made from selected North Atlantic seaweed. Simply sprinkle or mix in your pet’s dry or wet food as part of his daily diet and routine for oral health and hygiene. Start with small doses and gradually work up to recommended amo..
Revolution Parasiticide for Cat 3 Doses 5.1-15lb
Brand: Revolution Model: 87219060124
Your furry friend must have a current heartworm test result on file with your veterinarian in order to be prescribed heartworm medication. Please visit your veterinarian to have this test performed annually to protect your four-legged friend. Revolution is a medication that is applied directly to yo..
S$37.90 S$46.00
Brand: Topical Model: 8886395100011
Tropical Skin healer is a combination of herbs which is highly recommended by veterinarians for skin healing. These herbs carefully selected and blended to a chieve optimal synergy between them.  It also harnesses the natural healing property of each of these herbs and enhances their effect wit..
Brand: Troy Model: 9313754155003
A highly palatable source of calorie and vitamin supplementation recommended for pets. It can also be used to coat pills for pets who are reluctant to eat their medication.FeaturesPalatable high-energy dietary supplement.Provides extra energy, vitamins and minerals.Suitable for cats & dogs.Austr..
Brand: Vetocanis Model: 3428170002100
This Vétocanis ear cleaning solution contains herbal extracts with soothing properties. Can be used regularly and without risk of irritation to clean the ear canal of animals as well as sebum extracts. Can be used for dogs and catsSuitable ForCatsDogsSize60 mlIngredientsPropylene glycol, calendula o..
Brand: Vetocanis Model: 3428170002087
This Vetocanis eyewash solution with plant extracts gently and without irritation cleans the eyes of animals on a daily basis.Suitable ForCatsDogsSize60 mlIngredientsAqua, centaurea, cyanus flower, water, excipients qsp...
Brand: Virbac Model: 8886395100257
Nutriplus Gel is the original, highly palatable energy supplement for cats and dogs. Unlike other products that make use of plant carbohydrate as a source of energy, Nutriplus Gel makes use of animal origin nutrients which allow easier and faster conversion of the nutrient into energy. It also conta..
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