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Zenith Soft Cat Food Salmon & Chicken Hairball Control 1.2kg
Brand: Zenith Model: 8809039029523
Zenith Salmon & Chicken Hairball Control Dry Cat Food is produced specially for controlling hairballs in catsIt uses heat-resistant protease, seaweed powder and high functional fiber which are effective in controlling hairballs. Protease contains protein hydrolysis enzymes to dissolve the hairba..
S$22.00 S$24.00
Zenith Soft Dog Food Lamb Meat & Potato Light & Senior 1.2kg
Brand: Zenith Model: 8809039029646
Bow Wow Zenith produces a range of kibbles for dogs of different sizes and life stages.This kibble has no corn, soybean or wheat and is most suitable for overweight or senior dogs with sensitive stomachs or mild allergies to wheat.This recipe also contains yucca extract which helps to reduce unpleas..
S$21.60 S$24.00
Zenith Soft Dog Food Lamb Meat & Potato Small Breed 1.2kg
Brand: Zenith Model: 8809039029622
Lamb and brown rice for small breed dogs.Zenith soft premium dog food. Great taste! Easy to chew! Soft kibble. Zenith is easily digested and excellent palatability, it is soft textured semi moist feed that is mixed with fresh lamb meat and brown rice. The process is the know how of its own in the na..
S$21.60 S$24.00
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