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Green Kat

Green Kat 100% Recycled Paper Hamster Bedding 10L
Brand: Green Kat Model: 9554100371689
Recycled paper beddings for small animals.FeaturesIdeal for hamster and other small animalsHighly absorbentNatural odour controlNo additives or chemicalsEco friendlyMinimal dustSuitable ForHamsterSize10 L..
S$11.76 S$14.70
Green Kat 100% Recycled Paper Litter 24L
Brand: Green Kat Model: 9554100196244
Green Kat cat litter is a wonderful, natural choice for your cat litter; created using recycled newspaper, it's completely natural with no chemicals or additives.You can feel good about using this cat litter, knowing that you are providing your cat with highly absorbent litter pellets, and doing goo..
S$20.80 S$26.00
Green Kat Disposable Paper Cat Tray & Litter
Brand: Green Kat Model: 9554100371665
Now for the first time, discerning cat owners can have the convenience of using a kitty litter tray made entirely from recycled paper that comes pre-filled with recycled paper pellets.The contents are designed to last up to 7 days for a single cat. Cat owners will love this product because the washi..
S$7.44 S$9.30
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