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Brand: Doggyman Model: 4976555814194
Bowwow Aloe biscuit with the goodness of natural aloe. A perfect daily healthy treat.Suitable ForDogsSize250 gIngredientsFlour, sugar, tapioca starch, vegetable oil, aloe, milk powder, oligosaccharides, yucca, calciumNutritional InfoCrude protein...8%Crude fat....5%Crude fiber...1%Feeding GuideServe..
Brand: Doggyman Model: 4976555807127
For dogs who love the taste of liver in their biscuits treats.Suitable ForDogsSize180 gIngredientFlour, Sugar, Tapioca Starch, Shortening, Milk Powder, Oilgosaccharides, Chicken Liver, mineralsNutritional InfoCrude Protein - 7% minCrude Fat - 7% minCrude Fiber - 2.0% minMoisture - Max 10.0%..
Brand: Doggyman Model: 4976555807110
It contains vegetables rich in vitamins with added oligosaccharides, minerals, also yucca extract which helps to reduce fecal odor.Suitable ForDogsSize180 gIngredientsFlour, Sugar, Shortening, Tapioca Starch, Milk Powder, Vegetables (Carrot, Spinach), Oligosaccharides, Minerals (Sodium, Calcium), Br..
Brand: Doggyman Model: 4976555822885
Calcium rich milk biscuits which contains dietary fiber, oligosaccharides and yucca extract which helps to reduce fecal odor.Suitable ForDogsSize180 gIngredientsFlour, sugar, vegetable oil and fat, tapioca starch, milk (milk powder, unsweetened condensed milk), chicory extract (containing dietary fi..
Brand: Doggyman Model: 4976555819922
Flour-based baked dog biscuit with green and yellow vegetable. Functional healthy of components of dietary fiber , natural Fructo-Oligosaccharides , Natural deodorizer , Calcium. Support for healthy digestion.FeaturesBiscuit made with natural ingredients. Rich in health-giving nutrients.With added v..
Brand: Doggyman Model: 4976555819960
Low fat biscuit for your pets. Ideal for small or tiny pets.Suitable ForSmall dogsSize160 gIngredientsLow fat type with 5 kinds of vegetable of biscuit, tomato, carrots for red sweet potato, yellow pumpkin,  green cabbageNutritional InfoProtein...5%Fat...3%Fiber...3%Feeding GuideServe as a trea..
Brand: Doggyman Model: 4976555802900
Milk flavor biscuits. Rich in calcium and health giving nutrients. Each bite will surely become your pooch favorite healthy treat!Suitable ForDogsSize200 gIngredientsMilk and milk derivatives, oligosaccharides, tapioca starch, vitamins and minerals.Nutritional InfoCrude protein – 6.0% (min)Crude fat..
Brand: Doggyman Model: 4976555800678
Packed with antioxidants to help maintain a healthy body and a selection of chicken breast only.Soft processed white meat of chicken snack for dogs.Low fat white meat of chickenExtremely soft texture.Easy to eat for younger and senior dogs.Suitable ForDogsSize170 gIngredientsChicken (breast meat, Fi..
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