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Moderna Hercules Cat Tray Friends Forever 50cm

Moderna Hercules Cat Tray Friends Forever 50cm
Moderna Hercules Cat Tray Friends Forever 50cm
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Modern designed cat litter tray with removable rim. The litter tray has a low entry height for easy access.The rim, with cat paw pattern, stops litter from flying around and helps keep the surrounding area clean and tidy.With the help of our cat litter scoops micro or macro you can easily scoop out waste. Our litter tray bags bag it up jumbo extend the lifetime of the litter tray.The bags prevent urine sediments and unpleasant odours inside the litter tray.Cat litter tray odours and smells -the natural beneficial bacteria and enzyme creating formula is activated when your cat uses the tray.Cat litter tray has designed to help prevent the throwing of cat litter around the room when your cat decides to dig.Very easy to clean and highly durable. Cat litter trays are very important to the average cat owner.It is likely your cat will be in the home at the very least within the first year. So, it is during this stage that you will need cat litter and a cat litter tray and all the things that go along with making clean up after cat waste much easier for you.


  • Scratch & UV-proof IML design
  • The design avoids litter from scattering
  • Removable rim secures liner bags
  • Cleaned easily with warm soapy water
  • Premium quality plastic for long-lasting use

Suitable For 

  • Cats


  • 50 cm
  • 51 × 39 × 19 cm

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