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Zenith Soft Cat Food Salmon & Chicken Hairball Control 1.2kg

Zenith Soft Cat Food Salmon & Chicken Hairball Control 1.2kg
Zenith Soft Cat Food Salmon & Chicken Hairball Control 1.2kg
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Zenith Salmon & Chicken Hairball Control Dry Cat Food is produced specially for controlling hairballs in cats
It uses heat-resistant protease, seaweed powder and high functional fiber which are effective in controlling hairballs. Protease contains protein hydrolysis enzymes to dissolve the hairball & high functional fiber will helps with the hairball emission.


  • For all life stages - from kitten to senior cats
  • Hairball agent and vegetable diet fiber is added to discharge hairball during defecation
  • Vitamin A and linoleic acid (omega 6) is beneficial for skin and coat nourishment
  • Excellent palatability as fresh chicken and salmon meat are used
  • Easier digestibility due to soft textured semi-moist feed
  • Rich anti-oxidants help to support immune health
  • Glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate enhance joint health
  • Vitamin A and Taurine is added to enhance healthy vision
  • Rich in B-glucan for anti-ageing, promoting appetite, and improving immunity
  • Conveniently packed in 4 inner zip bags of 300g

Suitable For

  • Cats


  • 1.2 kg


Salmon Meat (Fresh), Chicken Meat (Fresh), Chicken Meal, ß-Glucan (ß-1,3-1,6Clucan), Cheese, Rice, Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, Cellulose, Salmon Oil (EPA, DHA), Chicken Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Lecithin, Methionin, Taurine, Rosemary Extracts, Hairball Agent (Heat-Resistant Protease, Seaweed Powder, High Functional Fiber), Complex Vitamins and Minerals (Vit A, Vit D3, Vit E, Niacin [Vit B3], Pantothenic Acid [Vit B5], Thiamin [B1], Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium), Glycerin, Sodium Propanate, Fumaric Acid, Monascus Color (Natural Color)

Nutritional Info

  • Crude protein (min) 22.0%
  • Crude Fat (min) 9.0%
  • Calcium (min) 1.4%
  • Phosphorus (max) 1.2%
  • Crude Ash (max) 8.0%
  • Crude Fiber (max) 10.0%
  • Crude Protein- (min) 30.0%
  • Crude Fat- (min) 10.0%
  • Crude Ash- (max) 12.0%
  • Crude Fiber- (max) 7.5%
  • Crude Calcium- (min) 1.0%
  • Crude Phosphorus- (max) 1.5%

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